Worksite Agreement

Worksite Agreement
Introduction to YouthWorks Summer Jobs


The 2019 YouthWorks Summer Jobs Program is designed to engage city residents, 14 to 21 years of age, in having a productive summer filled with work-based learning that helps to launch their careers. Youth are exposed (many for the first time) to the world of work that enables them to learn about the variety of occupations available in and around Baltimore. Each youth has the opportunity to work 25 hours a week, earning state minimum wage ($10.10 per hour), for five weeks from July 1, 2019 through August 2, 2019. Youth 16 and older are encouraged to participate in the Private Sector Academy.

General Information

During the recruitment and registration phase of the program, YouthWorks staff will confirm eligibility and help determine an appropriate job match for each participant by carefully reviewing the applicant's age, career interests, skills and abilities. YouthWorks is seeking summer worksite applicants that offer city youth work-based learning experiences that fully engage them for every day during the entire five -week summer work period.

Worksite Selection Criteria

YouthWorks summer worksites will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Explicit work plan with fully defined curriculum/programming for the entire period
  • Accessibility of leadership via e-mail, texting and phone and the ability to file online applications.
  • Completion of a site audit for non-government agency worksites and, whenever possible, interviews with supervisory staff members with YouthWorks staff members.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage, accurately monitor and submit payroll data.
  • Meaningful work experiences that provide youth a range of duties and exposure to industry training beyond the current workplace.

Program Regulations

The following regulations have been established to provide equity in the distribution of available summer jobs and to provide a clear understanding to worksite sponsors of their responsibilities:


  1. Worksites are responsible for distributing written rules and regulations outlining daily requirements and site expectations, on the first day, to all trainees.
  2. Engage YouthWorks participants for five hours per day on weekdays only, totaling 25 hours per week (excluding lunch breaks).
  3. Submit a statement of medical release for YouthWorks participants with physical limitations, such as pregnancy, allergies, etc.
  4. Upon request, worksites must schedule a time for YouthWorks staff to present workshops or other information to YouthWorks participants.
  5. Provide written permission with the worksite request for use of the facility where participants will be housed while working. For example, if using a church, the pastor's signature is required; if using a school, the principal's signature is required.
  6. Adhere to all reporting requirements published by the YouthWorks program and will receive written approval to operate from YouthWorks.
  7. Report any incidents of misconduct involving YouthWorks participants. These include altercations among youth and/or staff and harassment of any kind.
  8. Worksites planning to operate maintenance or beautification projects: Plan a second work activity in the event of inclement weather or an extreme heat index, which prohibits outside work activity. The Mayor's Office of Employment Development authorizes worksites to close when Baltimore City declares a Code Red, (which indicates the air quality is hazardous for the general population) if there is no air conditioned space available at the worksite for youth and staff members.
  9. Please Note: If you are operating a year-round program and would like participating youth assigned to your worksite, you must utilize the YouthWorks Receipt and Request List Submission Form after you have completed your application. You must wait one business day after submitting your application to make requests. Requests must be submitted by Monday, April 6, 2019.

Do Not's

  1. Employ youth for the construction, operation or maintenance of any facility used or planned for sectarian activities or as a place for religious worship.
  2. Require youth to work outside of the Baltimore Metropolitan area.
  3. Charge a fee for any services provided by MOED.
  4. Allow participants to work without their timesheet and/or work assignment slip, otherwise the worksite is responsible for the participants' pay. Youth referred by the YouthWorks Office for participation in your summer jobs program must have a timesheet and/or notification of their work assignment. Youth must receive all work assignments from the YouthWorks office, NOT the worksite.
  5. Require youth to work overtime or on the weekends, as they will not be paid for this time.
  6. Allow youth to leave their worksite without supervision any time during their assigned work hours, including lunch.


YouthWorks requires that worksites have at least one supervisor per 1 - 10 youth workers. Failure to comply with this ratio will eliminate this application from consideration and/or closure of a worksite that fails to comply. All worksites must have a designated representative, who will provide mentoring, supportive supervision, written feedback on the performance and growth of each trainee posted daily. The designated supervisor at the facilities that care for/supervise children must pass a full criminal background investigation conducted by the host organization. This person is required to participate in all mandatory YouthWorks sessions.


After submission of this worksite request, any staffing changes or cancellation on the part of the worksite must be immediately reported to the YouthWorks office at 410-396-JOBS (5627) or 410-545-1820.


By clicking the I agree button below and continuing with the application process, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and understand the information above.<

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