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  • CharmCard Consent Form - 2019


    Description:Youth interested in receiving a CharmCard monthly pass at a subsidized rate of $36 deducted from their first pay, must sign this form and turn it into their worksite supervisors.

  • Worksite Work Plan Creation Guide


    Description:A guide to creating a basic work plan for YouthWorks. This document was created on 12/20/2018 and is subject to change in the future as more information is gathered.

  • YW! Ready Curriculum


    Description:A youth professional development curriculum for YouthWorks Worksites. This activity-based curriculum is a tool for worksite supervisors to provide instruction to YouthWorkers on job readiness skills. It consists of five one-hour lessons, one for each week of the YouthWorks session.

  • YW Payment Options


    Description:An overview and comparison of your three payment options for YW 2018:
    • Debit PayCard
    • Existing Bank Account
    • Securityplus Checking/Savings Account

  • How to Apply for a Work Permit


    Description:Guidance on the steps for applying for a Maryland work permit. Mandatory for all youth between 14-17 years old as of June 22nd, 2018.

  • Paper Work Permit Form


    Description:This form is required for all youth who will be 13 years old during their verification appointment (but will turn 14 before June 22, 2018).