Worksite Agreement

The Hire One Youth campaign has been an initiative for Baltimore employers to support Baltimore City YouthWorks since 2013. Mayor Pugh is looking for as many employers as possible to hire at least one youth for the summer. Hiring organizations will be provided with a pool of prescreened qualified young people to interview. Once a match is made, a YouthWorks job coach will be assigned to each employer to serve as a direct link to the YouthWorks program. Throughout the summer, the job coach will visit the worksite, provide encouragement and support to the YouthWorkers, and ensure a productive summer. Please join Mayor Pugh's citywide effort to make the summer of 2018 work for everyone - businesses, youth and our economy.

Please proceed if you answer yes to either one of the following statements.

  • Yes, I want to hire at least one YouthWorkers on my organization's payroll this summer.
  • Yes, I want to hire at least one YouthWorker by funding position(s) and serving as a worksite.

For additional information, email or call (410) 396-5627


"I Agree"