Hire YouthWorkers
In 2017, 1 in 7 Baltimore City youth were eligible for a summer job through YouthWorks

They will be the future workforce of Baltimore
Help us train and grow that workforce
Hire them for a summer job
What You Do
  • Create a 5-week job with at least 120 work hours during one of the following 2018 sessions:
    • Session 1: June 26 - July 27
    • Session 2: July 9 - August 10
  • Provide us $1,600 for each youth hired or put them on your payroll at minimum wage or higher
  • Interview and select your youth employee
  • Fill out the online application (click below)
What We Do
  • Recruit from thousands of Baltimore City youth ages 16-21
  • Provide you with three youth to interview per position available
  • Ensure each youth takes a 6-hour job readiness class
  • (Optional) Put the youth employee on our payroll
  • Guarantee each youth and worksite a job coach to assist in workplace issues
Still got questions?
Check out our FAQ page, call 410-396-JOBS(5681) or email HireOneYouth@oedworks.com