When is the 2018 YouthWorks Youth application open?

The YouthWorks application opens from January 2 to March 2

What do I need to apply?

All YouthWorks applicants must be 14-21 on June 22, 2018 and residing in Baltimore City. Once you've applied online, you will attend an in-person verification appointment, where you will provide the items outlined in this document

How do I know I've completed my online application?

If this is your first year applying for YouthWorks, you will receive two emails when applying for YouthWorks. First, you will receive an email to verify the email you provided. This confirms that you made an account on the YouthWorks online system, this does not mean that you have completed your application.
You must click the link in this email that allows you to access the application, which you can then fill out. Once that is complete, you will then receive an email verifying application completion. Until you've received both of these emails, your application is not yet finished.
If you are returning applicant, you will receive one email after application completion. You can access your application by logging into the account you made previously.

I completed my application and was verified, why are you asking me for more documents?

There are many reasons why we may ask for additional documentation. The main reason is that information from our system suggests that the name and social security number provided by a YouthWorks applicant contradicts information we've received in previous years for that youth. It may also be that we made a mistake in confirming your application was complete, which is rare, but happens for some of the 10,000+ youth that we register.

How much am I getting paid this year?

YouthWorks pays the state minimum wage. For the 2018 year, that'll be $10.10 per hour.

I know where I want to work for the summer, what do I do?

If a worksite wants to work with you, you can provide them a copy of your YouthWorks receipt that you receive at the end of verification. They must then send that to us to request to work with you. This all must occur by April 6, otherwise we cannot guarantee we can honor your request.
Be aware that a worksite must be a YouthWorks worksite to host a YouthWorker. You must have applied for YouthWorks and been verified to get a YouthWorks job.


When is the 2018 YouthWorks Hire application open?

The YouthWorks Hire application opens from January 2 to March 29

How is hiring a youth different from hosting a YouthWorker?

  • Participants are pre-screened for skills and interests and receive job readiness training before referring them for interviews
  • Employers can interview candidates and decide who you would like to hire
  • We provide a job coach to ensure the program is beneficial for employers and youth
  • Employers pay for the youth

Can participants work more 25 hours a week for 5 weeks?

YouthWorks welcomes providing youth as much work experience and opportunities to earn wages as possible. As long as you are able to cover the additional cost of additional time, we are here to support you.

Do I have to pay minimum wage ($10.10 as of July 2018)?

You are welcome and encouraged to pay more than minimum wage, but per state law, you must pay at least minimum wage.

What if I want to keep someone after the summer?

Please do! We have qualified candidates that are interested and able to stay longer than the summer. Please notify us if this is a possibility before the summer starts, so we can pair you with one of those candidates.

Can I sponsor a youth to work at another venue?

Of course, in this case you are making a donation.

To donate to YouthWorks, please go to the Baltimore City Foundation website Donation Page, fill out the form, and select "Mayor's Office of Employment Development - 855-00" under the Donation Programs section.

Do you have flexible payroll options?

Employers can hire participants directly, or Baltimore city can be employer-of-record.

The minimum cost for YouthWorks to handle the youth's payroll is $1600 per hire that is working standard YouthWorks hours: 25 hours a week for 5 weeks. Costs will be higher if you want youth to work additional hours or weeks.


When is the 2018 YouthWorks Host application open?

The YouthWorks Host application opens from January 2 to March 29

Oh no! I missed the 2018 Winter Worksite Supervisor Meeting. Can I still get the materials from it?

Of course, here are the materials from the meeting. Click each bullet to download each item:

Why are there two timesheets?

While we do our best to limit the burden we put on our worksites, we know the paperwork process can be strenuous. The most common complaint is having worksites fill out both an Individual Timesheet for each youth and a Temporary Enrollment Sign-In/Sign-Out Sheetfor all of their youth. In order to ensure youth are being paid for every hour they work, we collect both of these forms and check to ensure the information matches between them. Because we get 100's of contradictions each pay period, we aren't confidently able to remove one of these sheets from the process.


How do I make a donation?

To donate to YouthWorks, please go to the Baltimore City Foundation website Donation Page, fill out the form, and select "Mayor's Office of Employment Development - 855-00" under the Donation Programs section.