YouthWorks Payroll Guide

Congratulations on your YouthWorks job. For many of you, this may be the first time you are being paid, while others may have received paper checks from us in past years. This year things will be a little different.



Pay days for Session 1 (youth working July 26 - July 28) are July 21, August 4, and August 18.  Cards will be delivered to youth at their worksites by July 20.

Paydays for Session 2 (youth working July 10 - August 11) are August 4, August 18, and September 1. Cards will be delivered to youth at their worksites by August 3.


All youth will be paid either through a debit PayCard or with a Securityplus checking/savings account.

They will be delivered by the day before the 1st pay day (Session 1: July 20th, Session 2: August 3rd). Youth who began working and are no longer working at their YouthWorks site by the delivery date will be called and told more information on how to get their cards.


Click on the picture that looks like your card to find out how to use it



ADP ALINE PayCard Securityplus FCU Account