HIRE Businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations can interview, select, and hire employees from a pool of talented youth at a cost of $1,600
  • We screen youth for skills and interests
  • We train youth in job readiness
  • You interview and select your workers
  • You can pay youth directly or City can be the employer-of-record
Hire youth
HOST Nonprofits and government organizations can host YouthWorkers at their worksite for five weeks. Application closed.
  • We select talented youth
  • We cover the youth's pay
  • You provide supervision and work experience
  • You help youth learn life and work skills
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DONATE Youth are paid their summer wages for working five weeks at nonprofits and government organizations
  • You help youth get a summer job for $1,600 per placement
  • We appreciate donations of any amount
  • Your donation is tax-deductible
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