ALINE Debit PayCard FAQ

This FAQ was written to answer some questions you may have about your ALINE Debit PayCard. If you need to activate a card, report a lost or stolen card, or have any issues with using your ALINE Card, call 1-877-237-4321. 

Just in case you need it, save this number in your phone contacts for later.


You can also check out this video for some tips on how to use your card:




When will I get paid?

Paydays for Session 1 (youth working June 26-July 28) are July 21, August 4, and August 18.

Paydays for Session 2 (youth working July 10 - August 11) are August 4, August 18, and September 1.


Why did I have to wait so long for my first pay day?

Most youth are on the Baltimore City payroll and are paid according to the City's pay schedule. This pay schedule is normal even for those who work in private business. A short delay allows employers to determine the number of hours worked and enter the information into the payroll system.


How will I get paid?

You will get an ALINE PayCard from ADP. This functions as a debit card. You can use it to make purchases at stores and other merchants with your PIN number. Your pay will be loaded to your card each pay period. You can use it to make purchases with your PIN number. The card will not let you spend more money than you have.


Do I get a new PayCard for each pay?

No, your pay will be loaded onto the same card during each payday. Do not throw away your card between pay days, as you will have to order a replacement card to receive your pay.


What do I do when I get my card?

Activate your ALINE Card by calling 1-877-237-4321 (number is on back of the card if you forget it). Give your birth date and Social Security number and set a four-digit PIN number you can remember. Don't use a PIN that is easy to guess, like 0000, 1234, or your birthdate.


I forgot my PIN number, what do I do?

No worries. Call the same number you called to activate your card to reset your PIN (1-877-237-4321). If you forget the number, it is on the back of your card.


Why did I get my card early? Is there money on my account now?

Cards were delivered early to give you time to activate them. Money will be in your account on pay day by 12 pm Workers are paid based on the number of hours they work during the two-week pay period. Session 1 youth are paid up to 45 hours for the first pay (July 4 holiday is unpaid), up to 50 hours for the second pay, and up to 25 hours for the last pay. Session 2 youth are paid up to 50 hours for the first pay, up to 50 hours in the second pay, and up to 25 hours in the last pay.

The amount that you see on your PayCard is based on three factors: hours worked, pay per hour, and taxes. The number of hours worked depends on the length of the pay period and your attendance. Most youth are paid $9.25 per hours. A small amount of federal and local taxes are taken out of each paycheck. A small amount of federal and local taxes are taken out of each paycheck. This pays for programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and unemployment insurance.  If you have questions about your pay amount, call YouthWorks at 410-545-1820 with your name, birth date, and worksite number.


I want to get money off my card. Where can I find a free ATM?

Allpoint, PNC, and Money Pass ATMs are free when you use your ALINE card. You can search the Allpoint ATM locator online: CVS Stores have Allpoint ATMs.


What do I do if I lose my card?

Call ALINE to request a new card. It will take 7-14 business days unless you pay extra for rush delivery. Rush deliveries take 3 business days and cost $24.


What are ALINE checks?

Your payCard envelope has two ALINE checks. Using them is more complicated than a PayCard. You can use these only if you do not want to use the card or lose your card and need money immediately. Call ALINE at 1-877-237-4321 to authenticate the check. This will deactivate your card. They will give you an authenticiation number, which you must write in the spaces on the check. You can cash authenticated checks for free at the bank printed on the check. You will need an ID to cash a check. You can also deposit the authenticated check into your own bank account.


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