Host YouthWorkers
Non-profits and government organizations are eligible to host Baltimore City youth ages 14-21 at their worksite for the 2018 summer. YouthWorks is hosting two sessions for the 2018 summer:
  • Session 1: June 25, 2018 - July 27, 2018
  • Session 2: July 9, 2018 - August 10, 2018
In order to host a YouthWorker for the summer, employers must follow these simple steps:
Host applications for YouthWorks are open now.

To complete your online application, make sure to have all of the information about your worksite and job prepared. Utilize our Worksite Online Application Guide for more information on how to complete an application.

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YouthWorks may call you or visit your worksite to either:
  • Ensure your worksite and work plan provide a safe and supportive environment to help youth develop job skills.
  • Ensure the information on your worksite application is accurate to support better job placement

Modifications to the site or work plan may be requested at this point. Once YouthWorks has approved your site, you will be assigned a worksite number which you should remember.

If you are not sure how to construct an effective work plan for youth, please use our Worksite Work Plan Creation Guide.
Youth will get matched to worksites in one of three ways:
Request Job Fair Placement
YouthWorks accepts requests from worksites that want to be paired with YouthWorks-eligible applicants. Worksites must collect and submit a completed copy of the YouthWorker Request Form and a copy of the YouthWorks Verification Receipt that each eligible youth has received to

Requests are due by Friday April 6, 2018.
YouthWorks will host a job fair for 14-15 year olds. Eligibility requires worksites to hire a minimum of 20 youth at the job fair. If you are interested, please complete and send this form to YouthWorks does its best to match youth to jobs by considering 18 different criteria from applications. It is imperative that your application is accurate, so that we may match you with the best possible youth. Any slots not filled by requests or job fair will be assigned by YW staff.
The only thing left to do is get to work. To help you understand the process, YouthWorks will hold worksite supervisor training in the spring. Here are just a few things you will need to handle as a YouthWorks supervisor:
  • First Day Sign-In:On the first day of work this will be collected for each worksite to log all the youth that attended the job.
  • Timesheets:YouthWorks provides two timesheets to track youth hours for each 2-week pay period. While this is administratively burdensome, the purpose is to ensure hours are correctly logged, by noting discrepancies between the two timesheets.
    • Individual Timesheet: Should be filled out by the youth it is specifically assigned to.
    • Temporary Timesheet: Should be filled out by the worksite to log hours of youth over two weeks.
  • CharmCard Payroll Deduction Authorization Form:Required for any youth interested in receiving a 31-day Charm Card at a subsidized price deducted from their first paycheck. Collect these from youth during the 1st week.
  • Debit Card Distribution:Most youth will be receiving an ADP debit PayCard or debit card from a partner bank during the summer. These may be dropped off at your site for you to distribute to youth.
  • Financial Education Tracking Form:To ensure all YouthWorks are prepared to spend and save their money responsibly, YouthWorks will require each site to provide some form of financial education. YouthWorks will provide some assistance in this process for certain sites.
  • Pre and Post-Work Readiness Assessment:An assessment of job skills that should be completed for each youth at the 2-week (Pre-Assessment) and 5-week (Post Assessment) time points.
  • Youth Survey:Completed at the end of the work session by each youth to review their experience.
  • Worksite Survey:Completed by each worksite to review their experience.
Please note, this list was created based on what activities YouthWorks has done in the past. We are actively striving to improve the experience for our youth and supervisors, so our processes are subject to change from what is outlined above.
Still have some questions about the process?
Check out our FAQ section for more information.